Support RDN During COVID-19

We appreciate your support at all times as it makes our work possible but especially now, as it will sustain us during this difficult time.

We hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe during this difficult time. As is now clear, the financial impact of the the COVID-19 outbreak on small businesses and non-profit organizations such as Rapid Defense Network has been immense and detrimental. As a young organization we spent our first year building our financial footing. The outbreak of COVID-19 has undermined those efforts and put our organization under considerable financial constraints.


At RDN, we have not closed our doors during this challenging time because ICE has not closed theirs. ICE arrests and deportations continue unabated. Our clients need our help now more than ever. For this reason, RDN, along with a litigation team, filed O.M.G. v. Barr in the D.C. District court, demanding that ICE release all of the children and parents detained in ICE’s Family Detention Centers due to the risks posed by COVID-19. On Monday, March 30, the Judge ordered ICE to to report on their efforts to release families in custody in seven days. This decision has already begun to result in the release of parents and children.

We will continue to fight this administration and its violence against immigrant communities until our lights are turned off.