Three Wins in One Day

On a single day last week, Rapid Defense Network (“RDN”) won three significant victories in federal courts across the country. RDN successfully protected families and children targeted by the administration’s incessant assault on immigrants and laid a foundation—by building case law and advocacy partnerships—to leverage these success to help others targeted by unlawful immigration actions.

Preventing ICE from Risking the Life of a Five-Year-Old Boy with a Recent Traumatic Brain Injury in a Pressuring Cabin on an Airplane

In a case before the Ninth Circuit in California, RDN prevented the removal of a five-year-old child with a traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) moments before he was to be forced onto a plane. They presented “the question of whether the government may expose [] a five-year-old boy who suffered a traumatic brain injury requiring specialized treatment, to life threatening harm in the process applied to” deport him. A leading TBI specialist noted that putting this child on a plane would cause symptom provocation. After winning a last minute reprieve of deportation, RDN secured a commitment for our client to receive free medical treatment. Additional information here.

During the pendency of the case, our clients’ deportation is not permitted.

Protecting the Rights of Vulnerable Children

The District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia denied the government’s request to greenlight the immediate deportation of a 19-year-old granted Special Immigrant Juvenile Status based on his particularly vulnerability. The government has detained our client for a year and seek force him to return to a country where he would be subject to torture or death. RDN successfully prevented his removal and now fight for his immediate release.

This case of first impression potentially impacts upwards of 40,000 similarly situated children.

Challenging Remain in Mexico

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Pennsylvania twice rebuked the government’s effort to return our clients – a father and his 7-year-old daughter – to Mexico. As part of the Migrant Protection Protocols (“MPP”) aka “Remain in Mexico”, asylum seekers at the southern border are forced to wait for months in squalid unsafe conditions in Mexico. Despite uncontested evidence that our clients were previously almost kidnapped, living homeless, and perpetually harassed while waiting for their immigration court date in the MPP program, the government cruelly insisted it would send them back to Mexico despite the Third Circuit agreeing that our clients had valid claims to challenge being forced back to Mexico. The Third Circuit responded forcefully, prohibiting our clients from being sent to Mexico as their legal claims are heard.

The decisions provide a path for tens of thousands of individuals to challenge the unlawful Remain in Mexico in Court