RDN Halts Deportation of Beloved Albany Chef



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New York, NY - “NSC Defense” today won a temporary restraining order preventing the removal of Kimino Ngoran – the beloved chef at the Capital City Mission in Albany – while he fights for his right to stay in the country. Kimino was detained by ICE on January 23, 2019 as he complied with a request that he report for a supervisory check-in. He was torn away from his family and community by ICE’s cruel and unlawful decision to detain him in an attempt to deport him to the Côte d’Ivoire – a country he fled 15-years-ago for safety. But Kimino’s community have refused to allow him to be taken.

Albany County Sheriff Craig D. Apple Sr. sprung to Kimino’s defense, posting that “when immigration calls an immigrant to their office....who cooks 800 meals a day at the city mission, who has been mentored by one of the most caring men I’ve ever met, takes his $150 check, and locks him up, ships him to my jail then to Batavia, enough is enough. This is not what we do in this country. . . This is immoral and just dam wrong.” Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan then tweeted “I echo Sheriff Craig Apple’s outrage, our country needs to do better.” Despite the outpouring of support – and the fact that Kimino is actively engaged in the process of trying to obtain lawful status – ICE would not relent – but neither would Kimino’s community.

Albany Law School Professor Sarah Rogerson and Camille Mackler of the New York Immigration Coalition sought out NSC Defense’s Sarah Gillman and Gregory Copeland. NSC Defense immediately mobilized, teaming up with Professor Nicole Hallet of the University at Buffalo School of Law to file an emergency habeas corpus petition demanding that Kimino be permitted to exhaust the processes he is entitled to pursue by law, and release him to the community that needs him.

“Today’s ruling shows the power of community and of a willingness to fight hard to defend our families.”

Today, United States District Judge Charles J. Siragusa issued a temporary restraining order, preventing Kimino’s deportation, and ordering a hearing on his case on Monday, February 4, 2019 at 11 am.

“Today’s ruling shows the power of community and of a willingness to fight hard to defend our families,” said Ravi Ragbir, New Sanctuary Coalition Executive Director and Managing Director of NSC Defense. “We are proactive and aggressive. We will use the strength of our unity to combat these racist anti-immigrant policies. Today, we are hopeful based on the Court’s decision – and we will continue to work with – and stand together with – Kimino and all our other Friends.”