RDN and Team Working to Free 6 Year Old Girl Imprisoned Longer Than Any Child in Immigration Jail

RDN and a team, including ALDEA-The People’s Justice Center, won a preliminary injunction in federal court permitting 7 year old Maddie to be released from the Berks family detention center in Pennsylvania. Maddie has been detained by ICE for a record days--longer than any child in the three family detention centers maintained by ICE.

Her detention has been widely condemned, including by Mark Hamill and Senator Bob Casey. RDN continues to fight in court for both Maddie and her father.

During the proceedings, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Pennsylvania twice rebuked the government’s effort to return our clients – a father and his 7-year-old daughter – to Mexico.  As part of the Migrant Protection Protocols (“MPP”) aka “Remain in Mexico”, asylum seekers at the southern border are forced to wait for months in squalid unsafe conditions in Mexico.  Despite uncontested evidence that our clients were previously almost kidnapped, living homeless, and perpetually harassed while waiting for their immigration court date in the MPP program, the government cruelly insisted it would send them back to Mexico despite the Third Circuit agreeing that our clients had valid claims to challenge being forced back to Mexico. The Third Circuit responded forcefully, prohibiting our clients from being sent to Mexico as their legal claims are heard.

The decisions provide a path for tens of thousands of individuals to challenge the unlawful Remain in Mexico in Court

Further reading and outrageous claims made by the ICE psychologist, Michael Mosko at the links.