RDN is maintaining a centralized public database of COVID-19 related federal immigration litigation resources in order to maximize the impact of our—and other advocates’—work on behalf of immigrants. (Last updated July 15, 2020).

In order to access these resources you must not be affiliated with any government agency. By clicking the link below you are confirming that you do not work for or are not affiliated with any agency of the United States government.


The onset of the COVID-19 crisis required an immediate response to protect individuals in ICE custody. RDN’s expertise in habeas litigation uniquely positioned us to challenge ICE’s deliberate indifference to the health and safety of people in its custody. Consistent with RDN’s litigation model, we have worked with partners to file four major COVID-19 related cases that are responsive to the needs of those directly impacted.

  • O.M.G. et al. v. Wolf, et al.: On March 21, RDN led a team with RAICES and ALDEA-People’s Justice Center in filing one of the first COVID-19 related immigration cases, challenging the detention of all families held in ICE custody. The ongoing case has already resulted in drastic reductions of the number of families detained, and likely the most releases tied to any single lawsuit during the pandemic. RDN continues to fight for the release of all families remaining in detention.

  • Gayle v. Meade et al.: Working with a broad team including the University of Miami Law School, Prada Urizar LLP, The Legal Aid Society of Broward County, King and Spalding LLP, Americans for Immigrant Justice, and Southern Poverty Law Center, RDN filed a class action lawsuit challenging the detention of all civil ICE detainees in South Florida detention centers – approximately 1,400 people. On June 6, 2020, the class of all detainees was certified, and the Judge granted RDN’s request for a preliminary injunction.

  • C.G.B. et al. v. Wolf et al.: Along with Ballard Spahr and the Transgender Law Center, RDN filed a third major lawsuit to challenge the detention of all transgender people in ICE custody across the United States. Transgender people in civil immigration detention not only have to endure the unjustifiably harsh conditions facing everyone in ICE custody, but also they often experience inadequate medical care, harassment, and even violence because of their gender identities.

  • D.A.M. et al. v. Barr et al.: RDN recently filed a landmark case in Washington D.C. to prevent the deportation of 200+ parents and children because the deportation process and conditions currently awaiting deportees from the United States are gravely unsafe. The case continues and we’ve protected the deportation of our clients to date.